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1. Click the member login at the top right.
2. If you're new to shopping Carolina Strung Wholesale, create a new account. If you already have an account click the big pink letters that say log in to get started with your order. Once log in is clicked it will take you to a separate page to type your email and password. 
3. Once an account is made we will approve your wholesale account within 1 business week.
4. Once approved you can access the wholesale pricing through your member account. 
5. Shop our jewelry at wholesale pricing. You must log in and click the down arrow by your name, then select shop wholesale.
6. A $250 minimum order is required for original opening orders, before shipping. A $100 minimum re-order is required for established customers, before shipping. If you do not meet the requirements we will cancel your order and you will be refunded. 
7. When you're finished shopping, you can proceed to check out and we will begin working on your wholesale order!
8. Order turnaround time is APPROXIMATELY 4 business weeks due to our recent Americasmart shows.

1. All the beads we use to make the necklaces and bracelets are handmade all over the world. Please remember that each bead will not be perfect. The size, shape, pattern, and color will vary a little in each bead.
2. All of our tassels and leather straps are hand cut by us. Each sheet of leather is handmade. Please remember that the patterns will not be perfect. There might be markings on the back side of some of the leather from the suppliers that we purchase from.   
3. The pattern leather we use is called hair on hide. The pattern is made from little hairs which may shed overtime.
4. The deer antlers we use are real. The size, shape, natural color, and weight will vary for each antler.

5. The oyster shells we use are real. The size, shape, natural color, and weight will vary for each oyster shell.
6. Pattern placement will vary on every item shown on the website.
7. To place a reorder you MUST create an account online and place it through the wholesale website. We are UNABLE to take phone and email orders.
9. A conformation email will be sent to the email you provided at checkout.
10. Once your order ships you will receive an email with your tracking number.
11. Orders placed at market will ship UPS, orders online will ship USPS.
12. If a wholesale order was placed at Americasmart it DOES NOT mean you have an online wholesale account.
13. Our pictures are professionally taken, the color shade will slightly be off. 

Returns/Damaged Items
1. All purchases are final.
2. If an item is damaged or missing please email us pictures of the damaged item or missing items and the invoice within 14 business days of delivery.
3. If an item is damaged while being worn by a customer please email us pictures, the invoice, and if any beads were lost. 
4. The buyer is RESPONSIBLE for mailing any damaged items back.
5. We will try our best to fix any damaged items.
Product Supply
1. When ordering supplies we try our best to order as much as possible, being said if our supplier is out of an item, there is nothing we can do. The majority of our supplies come from over seas, therefor shipping may take longer then expected if we are able to reorder a product. 
2. You will not be charged for backordered items. If a backorder items comes back in stock we will reach out to you.

3. The prices can vary due to the different suppliers product availability and normal increase.
4. Current turn around is approximately 4 business weeks due to orders being fulfilled from market as well as online orders. This may change during peak times, but we will try our best to get your order out as soon as possible!
5. MINIMUM initial order is $250 before shipping and REORDERS are $100 before shipping. Orders can be a mixture of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. If your order does not meet these requirements, then your order will be cancelled.
1. Market orders are shipped USPS or UPS. Online orders are shipped USPS. If you would like your online order shipped UPS please email us before placing your order. If you need your order overnighted please email us at before placing your order.
2. During the holiday season we are unable to offer rush shipping on orders.
3. The shipping prices will vary on the size of the order.
4. We are not responsible for any delay in shipping after the order has been delivered to the post office. Please be aware of holiday shipping times.
5. You will receive a tracking number for orders placed online once the order has shipped.
6. All orders will have signature required tracking.
7. We do not offer drop shipping.
8. We do not offer local pick up.


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